Perpetual Motion?

Is it just me or has this guy (FM) broken a law of thermodynamics?

Oh brother:eyebrowlift2: when will people learn, this is completely bogus, take it from a mechancial engineer and one might I had who has never gotten below 83% for any of his thermodynamics tests.

Patent authorities the world over get so many of these things my prof told us that they have a strict but simple approval or review process. the machine gets isolated from all power sources and if it can be shown to run for 1 year than it gets reviewed. And trust me patent review even for legitimate inventions is as tough as nails to go through

plus most of these “inventors”, i just think the are conmen, always have some silly conspircy based excuse to avoid any type of peer review.

Fair enough.
I read somewhere on it that it keeps going until the bearings need changing.

seems similar to the steron thing. Probably gets its energy from the gradual demagnetization of the magnets.

energy conservation is one of the more immutable laws of physics, sort of like the speed of light and the 38 minute limitation.

what’s the 38 minute limiation? you got me curious but I couldn’t find anythin about it…

i changed the speed of light once but no-one believes me :frowning:

lol altering physics i love it :smiley:

you have to watch stargate to know what that means :evilgrin:

the only force that gets a free ride is gravity, all other forces decay. unless it can produce energy from just sitting there it’ll eventually run out of energy. even black holes, probably the closest thing to a perpetual motion object, eventually decay .

There are plenty of magnetic motors plans on the web : Perendev, Reed Troy, Rory Johnson, Kawaï…

I have seen one more here in France. I mean I have really seen this one in an exibition of inventions.

As I am also an inventor myself (with enough scientific knowledge), I have found it fun, but I told to the inventor that it would not work for ever ! I said to a friend who believed in it : wait and see !

We have had informations about this motor, some exibitions later. My friend encountered the inventor again : the motor didn’t work any more, and he didn’t understand why !

Though, I had told him at the first exibition. The system used a very large amount of magnets, and for an obvious cost reason, he used ordinary low cost magnets for his prototype.

I think that with the use of better quality expensive rare hearth magnets, the motor would only have rotated longer, but not for ever !

We must be aware that magnets manufacturer use very powerful and energy consuming electro-magnets to magnetize the pieces of metal that will become magnets, giving a part of this energy to the metal by changing its magnetic structure, at atomic level.

When you use the magnetic field of a magnet against the magnetic field of an other one, these opposite fields slightly change the magnetic structure of each magnet and lead to their mutual annulation.

All the energy is not lost : one part is really used to produce the rotation of the motor, but a part is also used to reset the metal atomic/magnetic structure at its initial state.

So, it seems to work without energy consuption, but really consumes the high energy (From Kilowatts to Megawatts!) used to create the magnets !

You might have wondered why magnets are so expensives ?

The answer is that when you buy these little pieces of metal, in fact you pay for the electric bill paid by the manufacturer !

This said, the Perendev motor really works (for a time), but the good question is : is it worth it? It is a very expensive motor with limited life. At first glance It looks like a clean motor, but in fact it is far from being one : the energy used is not clean at all, the electicity used to make the magnets is produced somewhere with petrol or Nuclear energy !

It’s about time there was more debate and research on perpetual energy. This source of energy could work wonders in helping aleviate the global hunger for energy, and help reduce the overheating of our planet. Sincere regards to the researchers.

Yeah, I think it’s called hawking radiation. It’s something ridiculous like “Black holes give off one atom every six months.” or something.

I saw a similar invention to this (almost got hired by the company). It actually ran and powered a light bulb with a net 5% gain for over a month. Not too sure what happened to the technology, I heard the company went haywire for internal admin reasons. I’m sure the inventor is still working on it. very neat theories.

It’s all relative (like the speed of light I hear).

All you have to do is connect to the stargate on the black hole planet and the 38 minute rule goes out the window–due to time dilation or something like that.

Yeah, damn and their stargate episodes…

Shit, another crackpot who gets his “scientific” beliefs from sci-fi movies? Like this?

(watch for long enough and he begins saying stuff like “If you think hard enough about levitating, you will levitate”.)

This doesn’t work, let my try and illustrate with another example so as to explain what is going here. imagine you had a 100kg weight on the last floor of the Empire State building and that weight was rigged to a pully system so that as it falls it turns a generator and you get electricity out of it.

Now with this setup one can also make the claim of ‘free energy’ hell until that weight hits the ground you will generate seemly ‘free electricity’. But when you start asking question as to how much energy was used in raising that 100kg to the last floor you will find that more energy was spent in raising that weight than you got out of your generator.

The same thing is in play here expect you are not asking how much energy went into magnetising the magnets used here. Trust me its was a lot. This motor will only run as long as the magnets remain magnetic which will vary depending on their quality. The energy that was used to magnetise the magnets will be far greater than anything that you will get out of it.

I doubt there is serious research in perpetual motion or free energy for the sheer fact that any engineer or scienctists with even an onuce of physics and thermodynamics behind them nows how much of a grill quest that would be.

p.s just read Roubal post it points to the same am trying to say here. A lot more energy went into magnetising the magnets than what you are getting out.

I don’t get it. Energy never exits this planet, right? (unless with space-devices made by humans.)
What are we worrying about exactly?
slightly off-topic but… seriously.

I really, REALLY want to just post


but I have to say that I really do agree with you 100% on this one.
In my silly, juvenile way, I also think we should maybe, you know, not kill the only planet capable of sustaining us.

Oh Thanks. Glad you put me to right. I was going to invest a month of Sundays and then some on this exercise to help my bit for the planet. I guess I will instead spend this on blender, which could be more productive.

…it was embarrasing in a way too … …

… yes it does. All the time. Energy can always leave in the form of radiation.