This is my first model and ive had blender for a couple weeks… plus im 14 years old, plz post any suggestions

i did not get to copy the right side of the body yet but i wanted to get some sugestions.

(im gonna try to make a game out of this model so any suggestions would be usefull)

(sry img isnt working)

Not looking too bad. If you’re trying to make a realistic human I would suggest making the arms and legs smaller toward the middle to make it look like he has elbows and knees, both of which humans usually have. Before you try to duplicate/mirror the vertices to make the other half of the body, I would suggest deleting the other half of the face that’s just kind of hanging there. If you don’t it could get real confusing real quick when you duplicate. Overall not a bad start. Not bad for a first model. My first model was Shrek’s head. Keep up the good work.

I’m fourteen as well, and have yet to make my own model…and I’ve had blender for about a month :expressionless:

Right now, I’m working on learning most of the other stuff like python scripts and materials etc. Since you’re making a game, it may get monotonous (sp?) to make a bunch of characters manually (although it would be good practice). I reccomend downloading the makehuman script.

I’m 14, had blender for a year and a half, and still suck. Keep trying- you’ll get it eventually.

I had to make gus about 4 times before I ‘got it’.