(Persona 5 Spoilers) A New Beginning

The floor of the project with some dirty marks on it.

The displacement map

The normal map

I liked Persona 5 a lot and since I finished the game I had this image stuck on my head. The epic fight
the protagonists gave for the world’s sake was one of my favourite moments.

Render time: ~1hour with 76 samples
Some filtering was done in Photoshop.


I like the concept and the sun beams. Did you use Eevee? The image is bright and fair share of modeling has been done.

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Hey, thanks.
I made the sun beams in photoshop and I increased the brightness and the exposure in blender compositing.

I used Cycles for this project and I modeled the model in the middle (Holy Grail) which I posted here and If anyone wants it I share it on sketchfab.