Personal Experiment. Star wars inspired

Rendered in cycles. Blender 3.4
Check out the full video with breakdown in my artstation:
ArtStation - Imperial Base


Well you know how to make an entrance. Welcome to BA. You should definitely stick around because I’d love to see more stuff like this and your other image you have on ArtStation.

If you want to embed the animation from vimeo, take the link and put it on it’s own line by itself and it’ll turn into an embed instead of a link. (Works for youtube too)

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Thanks for the kind words!
I’ll definitely upload more stuffs.
And for the info about the video. I was a bit confused how to upload.

So just take your link from vimeo or youtube or whatever and paste it on it’s own line like this:

Which gives us this:

Note: in the editor, you’ll see an image of a video icon instead of your thumbnail, but when you submit it, it will load as an embedded video.


Welcome :tada:…
and additional what @Nanoglyph said… where have you been hiding ??

Funny thing a saw the scene from Attack of the Clones the other day on YT where Anakin, Padme and ObiWan are in the arena… fighting the three beast… and thought: Does this looked really that bad ?? Still didn’t looked this up in my personal copies…

but still if i substract the sound and replace the fighters with anything else (maybe even flying stones)… this is still awesome. No really – mute the sound… and when the fighter appear say something silly like Wush or Brooom in a non-star-wars style… it still works… so all the SW-imperial is unimportant because:

It is good by itself.

( anyway now i have to get rid of that: da da da datdada datdada …da da da… … since i know this since the first episode… oh no… it’s now the force… uhhh naaa… i mean the fourth :wink: )

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thank you!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Appreciate it! :smiley:

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Nice work ! very imperial

Did you use geometry nodes for the foliage ? what was the render performance like ? I am working on a very large forest and any kind of insight may help.

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The foliage was actually very simple! I just used particle system and randomized it. Render time was like 15-20mins per frame 2k res on RTX 3060ti . Maybe with more optimization you could decrease it (I was very lazy on it). I would suggest rendering large scale scenes in layers.
Hope that helps.