Personal website

Hey. I know this isn’t pure 3d WIP, but, well, it’s still WIP :rolleyes:

So I’m making a a web site that will include blog, gallery and whatever i find i want later on.

Feel free to comment.

Looks nice for a WIP, although I’d say have a place telling who you are (things like what you do, maybe have a mention to your username on the web, so that if someone runs across it and they can read that and then they can recognise you) and so people can get familiar with you. Also, why can’t we reply to you’re blog entries, or are yu working on this.

p.s. You wrote 3 blog entries today :eek:

it’s has quite simple look, work more on the buttons of the links and the bacground of the page. And also put more jobs to your gallery (it’s not good to have only 4 or 5 jobs at your portfolio) keep on progressing!