Perspective Architectural Drafting Render

Hey everyone! My son hopes to graduate as an apprentice draftsman, and I was helping him review for finals, and got to talking about the different perspectives, and that jogged my memory about architectural rendering in Blender, a relatively new feature. So I looked it up in the wiki, but it only talked about two-point rendering, and didn’t have any examples.

So, as my Christmas gift to y’all, with his help I have re-written that page in the wiki (click here) and expanded it to include all the different point perspectives, and how to get them in Blender, background, tips, etc.

They have application not just to building renders, but also title graphics and all sorts of situations where you can give the viewer a different perspective or dramatic appeal to your models.C&C welcome, or just edit the page yourself directly. Enjoy!

PS-this is a heads up for all foreign language wiki authors, too.

Dude! Aweshome!

I’ll see what I can do. I have this incomplete Spanish translation of “Introduction to Character Animation” abandoned for over a year now, I have to start making up for that.

Hey great job! Good to see fellow wiki writers still going strong! :slight_smile:

Sweet job, PapaSmurf. Thanks for that effort! It might be handy, for the ortho projection part, to put a link to the wikipedia description of isometric projection ( as this may be used to some degree in making game avatars and such. In particular that “true” isometric projection means that the camera is rotated ~35.264° [= arcsin(tan(30°))] from the x-y plane. Ref pic:

mzungu - done! turns out it is simpler than I thought. enjoy!

Nice work, PapaSmurf. Now just link to the tutorial on pencil sketch shading, and we’ll have the architects abandoning their CAD programs for Blender! :yes: Le vandal du wiki strikes again!

Slick. Nice work. Thanks!

good work, very appreciated


thanks for the nice comments and PM’s. It was kindof amazing thing to discover that Blender could do this, and for my son to tell me what he wanted and for me to dig through the release notes and then figure out a way to do it based on a few clues.I’ve really never rendered anything except with the normal camera, and this really gives a whole new set of options in rendering, not just buildings, but anything.

What is the pencil sketch tutorial?

And cekuhnen, up there in Michigan, i am sure your school teaches industrial design and what not, so those perspectives apply to all engineering type diagrams too. (hint to work it into your class…)

and omg Harky, we go from red devil eyes to Chucky the devil doll. You have some taste in avatars…

Link to first level here, and second level here. Done by Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin (?) and are excellent for many uses. (Tho I’d love to see a bit added on animating the actual pencil effect itself…)

Papa, the addition for Isometric looks great! Thanks again for doing this… :slight_smile: