Perspective problem

This is the reference image:

I’m trying to make the ceiling but it’s not really working:

it’s looking good, what is the problem?
to find the right camera-settings fspy is a great app, but maybe you have already tried it.

In the image there’s no gap between the ceiling and the bit which is lowered down.
i’m using fspy for this scene.

I may be wrong but, I think there is a gap in the picture as well. It’s not so obvious because of the lighting.

i don’t think there’s a gap.

What’s stopping you from lowering that ceiling down? It’s the only thing in the picture that doesn’t match that i can think of and I don’t see any side effects. It would also remove the gap probelm.

Maybe what not is so obvious that tere is a gap between the window and the ceiling.
The window probably extends to more floors.

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If you look at the original photo, there’s a lot of bright reflectance running along the join between the lower ceiling and the upper ceiling. That suggests there’s no gap between the two.

I think Jerzygorskiart is right. The ceiling stops before it reaches the window.