Inspired by the impossible cube by gregzaal, i decided to give these few quirky ideas a try, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Could you show them from a different angel, just to show what they really are?
Also, use directional lights or something so the shadows don’t make it so obvious where the ‘cheats’ are.
Well done, by the way. I’ve done a few of these myself. Ive aways loved these.


Those are really cool, good job!
:confused: :smiley:

Very cool idea! I like the texturing on the objects.

Only suggestion would be to lose the shadows since they seem to give it away.

Nice work! Especially the textures. My favourite is still the top one though :slight_smile:

Yeah, the top cube is the most mindbending - the others look more possible, especially the middle of the three pics. Great job on it, though - it’s looking really good.

that is mind boggling indeed. great work sir :slight_smile:

it’s easier than it looks :stuck_out_tongue: (Tutorial)

wow that’s awesome! how did you make those? :stuck_out_tongue:

This will reveal all :stuck_out_tongue:

the shadow sold this one out