Pesky mosquito distraction

Oh man, this is driving into a state of distraction! I do a lot of my work later in the day (nighttime, it is quiet and a bit easier to concentrate.) I have to turn on my desk lamp to see my keyboard. So, here I am trying to concentrate and out of the corner of my eye I see the flying little blood sucker. It taunts me flying about. I try to smack it between my hands but I think that the air pressure generated by the clapping action saves its butt every time. Now this becomes almost a quest…kill the bug! I do not like mosquito bites. So, preoccupied by this scenario I can only wait until it lands somewhere and then mash it somehow. The odd thing that goes through my mind at times like these is that I can not even model a mosquito, let alone create one. It sort of makes me feel guilty, yet at least I don’t have to scratch.
Does anyone else have any “favorite” distractions?

ugh, those stupid small bugs that make it through the screen and fly into my monitor >_<

Yeh, What is this strange black vertice that seems to translate all by itself? I did not animate it.

The singular of “vertices” is “vertex.”

Sometimes little bugs land on my computer screen and I try to scare them by ambushing them with the cursor, but they never seem to notice it.

um ok…

Yikes! Here comes my English teacher again. I try to dodge the infamous ruler, but I still get a smack. Vertex, vertex,vertex, ok, I will remember… .
I have also tried “scare the bug with the cursor” routine. Sometimes I even try to lure them around with it, not very productive, but it is fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

At my house during the day there are a ton of flies. And everyone knows how annoying they are (if you know how to get rid of them besides using fly strips or a fly swatter let me know). At night there are a bunch of “unidentified flying bugs” that swarm my computer screen, really annoying when you’re playing a game or whatever. Scaring them with the cursor doesn’t work, but using another light to distract them from me does.

You may wish to try this. Take several baggies and fill them with water and hang them above any opening into your living space that flies may come through. I don’t know why, but it works! It must weird their eyes out or something.

I actually was going to do that lol, but they don’t really come in the house, they are mostly outside (I guess I should of said that lol).

Haha, our house doesn’t have a fly problem, not like restrooms in gas stations and even schools. Sometimes we have a fly in the kitchen but definately not mosquitos, whenever we have the light on inside sometimes the bugs just want to come in.

(if you know how to get rid of them besides using fly strips or a fly swatter let me know)

You can try to get a bug zapper, we had one a long time ago that worked until I put it in the bird bath and caused it to short.

Oh man, can you imagine what is going on in the little bugs mind? “Fly into the light, fly into the the light” and then…Wham! What a trip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah in the summer I have to leave the window open for fresh air and these mozzies fly in. So I found you wait for them to land on the wall, then chuck a folded towel at 'em hard. Then you find out if they fed or not.

I’m reminded of the old “hillbillies’ guide to computer terminology”:

Screen- What ya put on da windas ta keep the black flies out.

Byte- What dem dang flies do!

Sorry but I don’t have a link to the rest and don’t feel like looking for it.

…like moths to a lighted light bulb, so are we drawn to blender.

(that’s a good quote and quite an original rip-off to the classic saying. I think I will use this sometime again. )