Pesticide (Giant insect defence game)

UPDATE July 17, 2011:
New file:

My newest project is a weird little game in which you play as a giant insect monster and try to protect your queen from the army of poorly modeled intruders. To help defend the nest, place towers to kill the enemies. (I call them towers for simplicity, but they aren’t technically towers.)

Read the readme text for the controls.

Eat enemies that are small enough to get bigger and stronger, or kill them to get resources used to buy and upgrade stuff.

I’m looking for a good title for this game.
So far I thought of “The People v. Giant Insect Monsters” and “Oh, Bugger!”.
If you give me a better title, you can have your name in the credits
as well as my unconditional* love.
(*Conditions apply. Love expires August 3, 2011.)

.blend file (for 2.49):

Some enemies:


Wow!!! Well done!!! I like it! Only thing is that it is a little bit, well… hard. (or I am doing something wrong.) The bug is also sometimes hard to control. Anyway, continue!

Ha… That was more fun then I thouged it would be… I really like idea and the RTS elements, and I was kinda impressed when I saw a worker pick up a poorly modeled intruder, bring it to the Queen and let her eat it… Nice…:evilgrin:

I’m looking forward to your next update :slight_smile:

(How about, ‘Ant save the Queen’, or something in that direction :eyebrowlift:)

lol, that box enemy is awesome.

Thanks everyone!
I’m trying to make it somewhat challenging, and I keep tweaking different things to extend gameplay without it getting too easy.
A couple times I got the bug to grow ridiculously large and it was impossible then to lose without getting rid of some defenses.
I’m also adding different camera modes that you may prefer.
I still plan on adding more types of enemies and hopefully more towers if I can think of more.
I also want to add some sound at some point.

I uploaded a new demo with a bunch of new things including a couple of new enemies and two more bugs. Be sure to look at the readme for useful controls and info.

I’m considering adding multiple maps to choose from.
I’m also thinking about adding the ability to upgrade individual properties for some towers, such as range or damage, instead of upgrading everything.

I’m still open to suggestions for a title, but I’m leaning towards “Oh bugger!”
It makes me think of an old English guy saying it out of frustration after his monocle fell into his cup of tea.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Here’s another screenshot.

very nice! 'gratz It is very fun to play, albeit a bit hard. It is frustrating when the worms dont always come out… also, it would be great if you made some awesome graphics to match it! :slight_smile:


If the worms don’t come out, it’s probably because the enemy walking by is too big for it to eat or it is still resting after a previous attack. Upgrading it will increase its size and decrease the attack time.

Got another update. This one features a main menu where you can select one of three tracks before starting. And you can view your high score and reset the saved settings (oh yeah, the game now saves some settings and the high score).
I believe the previous demo had the tank boss, but now if you kill the tank, and the remaining enemies, you have the option to continue.
The enemies’ speed, health, and damage will increase over time.
I’ve textured the enemies and re-modeled the giant bug.
I think I’m close to being finished with this game.

Download for Blender 2.49: