Pet Peave

Hi all don’t know if this is off topic but just needed to ven tmy frustration at the skining in Blender :frowning: Now i love Blender in all its entirty but one of my pet peaves is the weight painting.

Ive just spent 4 hours trying to adjust a finger, only to get so hacked off with it I started again by deleting the armature modifier and starting over…ta dah the problem is instantly fixed…garrr if only i did that hours ago :frowning:

Just wondered what any body elses love to hate things about Blender is??

Weight painting can be quite relaxing when you really come to grips with it. The trick is to switch between painting and direct assignment via the vertex groups panel.

I generally select a bone and paint one vertex/area then switch to edit mode, select a collection of loops (much easier than constantly rotating and painting) then Assign them to the group (which was already conveniently created and named with the first “paint” action). This gets the majority of the assignments over and done with “fairly” quickly. From there on it’s just a matter of painting transition zones if need be.

When things go astray in one area (or if remote verts have found themselves assigned to the wrong bone/s), I fix these in edit mode too. Select the verts, choose the vert-group, press Remove and they’re gone.

Shift+LMB on the mesh in paint mode is a great time saver for debugging strange behaviour.