petals -an old project reworked

okay folks, here we have an example of an old project of mine…

I decided about a month ago to drag it back up because I always wanted to put more into the scene but never had the time.

Now I have found the time so I, while I should have been doing school work, reworked and added some more stuff to the scene and made this:

But I didn’t like some of the lighting so I made this one:

And even that I didn’t like some of the colors, ie. the floor, so I re-did those as well as delete all lamps as an incentive to re-do the lighting… (which was horribly jimmy-rigged)

and now I have this version:

but I am not done that is a wip as of now… because for one i don’t have the nice options on, (osa, and some ray tracing is disabled). Right now I have a lab report to write for a chemistry class, but I will work on it probably later tonight, but we shall see.

Feel free to leave comments on any of the images saying what you do or don’t like…


Looks good, I especially like the table legs. It really could do with having OSA turned on and a bit of AO or something so dark parts become more visible, as you said.

will be working on the lighting, and yes osa is a must, thank you for your comment xarton