peugeot concept #1 (update)

I started modelling this with the intention of it being my peugeot design comp concept.

This is supposed to be an evolution of the 205GTi, my favourite peugeot of recent years.

It’s come out alright, but i’ve decided to do something altogether more ‘concepty’ for my actual entry.

However I’m going to finish this one as well since it has come together to be a nice little hatchy.

Still quite WIP (i know about the big ugly seam down the middle)

Crits, suggestions?

why is it rounded in the front, yet boxy on the top back and sides?

also, the front spoilier has some visible folds

furthermore, I think the top back of the front fenders [just in front of the mirrors] could be smoothed out a fair amount more

Looking good the only thing I see wrong with it is in the front fender the black thing not sure what it’s called looks wierd, the lights look real realistic

Wheel arches could do with some rounding

z3r0 d: Its rounded at the front and boxy at the back because thats the way i designed it - i like the ‘boxy’ look of the 205Gti, but think a more fluid front is nice, so i kind of slapped them together to see how such a car would look.

I’m not out to win any design awards with this one, just toying with an idea.

Yes the folds in the front spoiler will be resolved - I havent yet got to the point where i have joined the two halves into a full mesh, so there is a lot of tweaking still to do, especially where the profile of the center portion of the car is concerned.

Also, the entire side of the car is still almost completely vertically straight - This is usually the last thing about a car that i modify since it is difficult to manage mesh smoothness after you put in those curves.

Hoagies: yeah the ‘black thing’ is just a plane (which when mirrored and joined with the rest of the mirrored half-meshes gets subdivided) to prevent you from seeing through to the empty engine bay. This space will be stuffed full of intercooler/oil cooler when i have done more work

The lights have come out quite nicely - they are pretty simple, just a low poly ‘tray’ so you dont see the blackness of the empty mesh interior and some faceted half spheres covered with a transparent (but slightly reflective) subdiv-ed cover piece. The tray and faceted reflectors all use the same ‘chrome’ texture.

fly04066814: What does ‘more rounding’ mean?

Progress from yesterday:

Needs more attention to surfaces and interior, but i’m pretty close to callign this finished and moving on

other than the seam down the middle, it doesn’t look like everything has been adressed very much

the edges of the wheel wells still look knife-edge-sharp

the front spoilier still has folds [though fewer]

folds are visible in this view on the sides of the front windshield

… the lights look nice, but the front fenders are too high for the front end to look good relative to the rest of the car. And still, the flat sides and top look ugly to me

the grill on the front looks peculiar, sqare when the rest of the front is not