Peugeot contest

I couldn’t find this on here so i thought i’d post it.

The peugeot contest has been announced details are here it has a theme :O.

I doubt i will be entering i cant model cars i guess i could try but doubt i will but i will be looking foward to seeing other peoples attempts.

good look competitors


Sorry i shoulda done a search before sorry for spam

omg… just as i started making a citroen…

I dunno if its to late to post in this but i think i will enter this one, i havent modelled anything in blender for about 2 months though eeek :wink:


I’ve decided to enter, mainly because I needed a motivation for learning Blender and maybe because I’m a liitle bit petrolhead :wink:
here is my WIP:
still a lot to do (all the details, description, scene setups…) but still a week to go also :slight_smile: