Peugot 306

i’m drawing my old car that still drives today
the idea is to do later when ready some funny animation or so with it.
but its quite hard to create it at first, having only some photo material, so its all on view, i think i’m close to the shape, but it wont be a 100% fit as i use photo’s.

now it has a back side, and the green color.

The color is ok i think, but in reality my car has lots of scratches so i wonder how I would get that into the cycles material.
I would like it to have a final look of an old car, not something new out of the shop. so far its all quads, so i could texture scratches, but the point is they are realy thin in reality so hmm not have a good idea for this yet.

Hi you should try they have great resources for this kind of thing and im sure they will have front rear and side views of this car And your modeling seems ok i certainly could not do this from a a photo well done