(PFS horror ) Tunnel Escape

This is one of my first attempts of making a Blender game.
This took me and my brother 3 weeks to complete.
Might have a bit of lag.
It should take about five minutes to complete.
IF you have a computer more than 3 years old you may encounter some technical difficulties.
Please download and have FUN!


check out our animation YouTube Chanel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5lfGxgZblnb0eB93l4VNgQ

I didn’t want to play it any more… I’m sure something would jump at me… I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe.

2nd attempt ( https://youtu.be/AQh8AF2fe1c ) failed when I heard the girl giggling. I had to do a silly cable setup so I could record while listening to distracting music without recording that music as well. Still I couldn’t get myself to look at the screen so I’m not sure if I got to anything scary, as I didn’t watch the video…

I have to try this while the sun is out. With a friend. -_-

Played it the other night, in the dark and with headphones. Reached the end, too… I think.
A lot better than my first game, though that’s not saying much.

It was pretty well done, like how the map would alter after you’ve reached a dead end.
The only time I had gotten startled was when you encounter the monster thing. Other than that though, it was pretty atmospheric but nothing too horrifying.

Might have a bit of lag.

That it did, it ran at a decent framerate but every now and then the lag would freeze everything for up to near 30 seconds.

I finally made some progress (sunglight while skyping with a friend) but got stuck at the doors -_-

don’t you mean fps as in first person shooter game?