Phantom Chronicles-Need Help

My name is PhantomR. That is my code name. I am building an online game and I am in need of some helpers. I am planning on communicating through Skpe. Look me up on rookie59283. I plan to give you all the benefits of my website when it is finished. I am already beginning work on it, but I need more help. Also I need professional scripters and builders if possible. I might be able to pay if we are successful. If not then it is because I have decided to give you all the benefits of the website instead and to help with the website. Remember I will be paying for everything. So just sit back and relax and if it works out you each will help and we will hold meetings discussing what will make it better. Plus I am also wanting to assign each of you a job on my website like forums, chats, battles, anything at all. Please reply or contact me on skpe. his game is an MMORPG. It will need teamwork and it has swords, staffs, maybe guns, moves, and monsters. Many more will be added like a catalog page, a profile where you can make PvPs or Hangouts and much more. Thank you. I hope to hear from you.

Hi, Im a little intrested in this project. i mainly model but i have experience with texturing, mapping, and animating. if your are interested send me a PM