Philippe's Sketchbook of randomness

So I thought I might as well start my own sketchbook and dump my sculpting tests here for everyone to see (and probably laugh at ;)) - I only have the two at the moment, but I’m slowly familiarising myself with the various brushes and the ins-and-outs of Dyn-Topo. I also seem to be running into a lot of Linux X-server issues lately, which I’ll have to look into, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, here’s my first test - Paragon named him Billy:

And my second test, which I just finished:

I’ll post more tests and sculpts as I make them :slight_smile:

EDIT - new thumbnail

I can haz first-ever bust?

Started from a slightly modified poly-sphere, the rest is all Sculpt+DynTopo. I actually used my avatar (a higher-res version) as reference, but obviously it doesn’t look remotely like me :o Any CC?

Proportions are off, but i am not that well versed in the anatomy/organic field so not too sure how to correct anything.

But the top of the head is way too flat, round it up like an egg a bit (but dont make it look like an egg obviously :wink: ) Nose it a bit big as well, esp the nostrils imo. The nose bridge and lips seem too thin.

Yeah, the proportions are definitely off - I’ll tweak it soon. Doesn’t help that I work in Orthographic view 95% of the time :wink: Thanks for the feedback!