Philips Arcitec Electric Razor

An electric razor I had lying at home.
Blender and houdini, rendered with cycles.

I made a Blog Post on my workflow.


wow. that is awesome sir. :slight_smile: 5 stars

Not the usual modeling project, but i do approve.

very professional work in terms of modelling,materials,lighting,composition.

Looks great!

Very very nice! Mind sharing something on your workflow?

Nice water model. Good job.

5* easy and nice sketches on your homepage.

amazing image.

looks very pro.


Yes, very professional indeed!

Thanks a lot for the comments, you guys rock!

I’ve written a blog post on my workflow. I doubt it’s much different from anyone else’s but I hope someone finds the article usefull.

Here it is:

guess first of many Cycles glorious renders in Finished Works section…

hi vidar_nelson,
thanks for the clear “making of” article.

Seconded. I had questions in my head regarding the liquid, so having a making of which reveals that specific part was made in Houdini (as opposed to Blenders own fluid sim) is useful knowledge.

Looks great! The materials make it very realistic.