Phoenix A-25 Model Type 2.66 Beta Star Cruiser

A model based loosely of a Star Wars ship I really like how this one turned out. The Lamborghini of space travel in 2096. Rendered of course in Cycles made in 2.66. Comments, critiques, praise, angry rants…, well maybe not that last one, are all appreciated! :wink: More Images to come soon and the node setup for the materials and compositor! Darn you CPU render faster!!! Sorry about the noise on that last one DOF take forever to render especially on a ATI. :mad: Anyways enjoy!

Alright as promised here is some more renders! Sorry the site only allows three files to be submitted if offsite and I can’t get them off my computer for some reason! Anyways here’s more of the Phoenix A-25. Sorry about that last one with a 24 inch monitor screen shots can be quite large files. :slight_smile: The node setup basically is a bunch of diffuse, glossy, and velvet shaders combined using IOR as the factor. I will post some different angles later.

Alright here is some orthographic renders!


Looks good…Looks like Pimp My Ride visited Star Wars :smiley: