Phoenix Smith's Sketch Book

(PhoenixSmith) #1

I hope to use this thread to display some of my recent sculpts and Blender tests. I also use Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Krita for some things. Please comment and critique at will.

Updated Thumbnail-

(PhoenixSmith) #2

And some more-

(ng-material) #3

keep at it,I like the last white sculpt creature/ alien thing.

(PhoenixSmith) #4

Thanks! Yea that was based of the infamous cave troll. :wink: Here is my dyntopo for the day-

I recorded the sculpting process for a time lapse, but it got corrupted somehow! :frowning: Anyone know of any good video screen capture software that is free? Anyways more renders to come soon! :wink:

(PhoenixSmith) #5

Here is more of my prehistoric bird using the same material as that last one. :slight_smile: I like it quite a bit. All post pro in Blender’s compositor.

(PhoenixSmith) #6

My triceratops humanoid in marble.

(VickyM72) #7

VickyM72 waves at PhoenixSmith :smiley:

(PhoenixSmith) #8

And he waves back! :wink:

(PhoenixSmith) #9

Here are some more renders of my draconian,

(PhoenixSmith) #10

Spaceship based loosely off a star wars fighter. Rendered in Cycles except for the last tron wire frame which was BI.

(Sanctuary) #11

Very good model and texture on that star war inspired spaceship, i like it a lot.
Keep the sculpts coming too !

(PhoenixSmith) #12

Thanks Sanctuary! Yea I really enjoyed making that one. :wink:

(PhoenixSmith) #13

Here are some of my lowpoly style works, all rendered in Cycles-

(PhoenixSmith) #14

And some more, that second one is BI-

(PhoenixSmith) #15

Here are some shots of a WIP Sculptris Creature. This thing takes forever to render with Cycles though so two for now. :wink:

(PhoenixSmith) #16

Some recent sculpts-


(PhoenixSmith) #17

And more sculpts some old some new :wink:


(PhoenixSmith) #18

I finally got around to doing my own concept art with a pencil. Whew! Anyways here is the result, top one is drawn and scanned in. Second one is made in blender and rendered in Cycles. I know there are little differences, but some stuff I wanted to change once it was in 3D. :wink:


(PhoenixSmith) #19

Micro render of bacteria in Cycles. :wink:


(PhoenixSmith) #20

Two timelapses, one of sculpting the other modeling. Enjoy!