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articsnpr’s got my vote, but i have to say Chriffer’s was most origonal. :slight_smile:

In terms of modelling I would have to give my vote to Artic Sniper, too bad Chriffer didn’t use SubSurf on the cup or I would have given it to him. Daredemo’s is nice too.

Have you never seen a cup with the shope of a 32gon for the sides but a rounded rim area? I’ll have to add shiney textures to my cup next time or something to make my modeling better.

yeah, I have chriffer, and the model is good. But, when you make these, they’re stiro-foam, and I’ve never seen a 32gon stiro-foam cup. nice job guys.
man, I had more plans for mine, but i ran out of time. when I was modeling, I got a little sidetracked…