Phorealistic Eye (CG Trader Awards)

Hi everyone,

Here is my attempt on creating photorealistic eye in blender. I made this work for CG trader awards competition (theme: photorealism) and now i’m thinking of improvements… If You have any idea that can make it more realistic please let me know in the comments. Criticism is always welcome! Thanks in advance!


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Veins are too large, make them less noticeable. Eyelashes are too neat.


Nice work so far.

Looks lovely, great job with the skin shader!

Looks awesome!
Couple comments though, eyes don’t appear to tend to have veins on the outside segment, at least showing in pictures that I can see - and when they do, they seem to be much smaller (started looking from comment before)

Might want to move the lower lashes up a bit, seems like it should go straight from the pink part to lashes:

From the angle you’ve chosen, or at least this close up, it seems like we should be able to see the carnucle, or the inner part of the eyelids should be pulled back a little bit:

Kinda hard to tell what angle you’ve chosen.

Lastly, I would say the blue-grey to white and veiny transition is kinda weird. I’m not seeing that sort of shadow or coloration difference on pretty much any of the pics I’m seeing.
Of course, I’ve only started studying the eye in-depth since I’ve seen this post, so could be I’m way off base - just pointing out what my scrutiny is noticing!

hello sir, really nice work, may I ask how u did the eyelashes?