Photo-realism from a picture

Hallo everyone!

This image was created with Blender 2.7, from a picture taken last Sunday on coffee break!
Tried to give a photo-realistic effect, changing the materials, also from pictures of my city, Ancient Olympia.
Please feel free to comment and give any tips and hints.

The original pic:

good render, but:
-the water on the ground doesn’t look good, at least the reflections highlight.
-lamp cover texture is low res, replace with a higher one.
-no wear and tear on the flower can -or whatever it is called-
-no reason behind the black burning marks on the wall.
-the saturation is a bit much.
-the flowers plant need some curves, too stiff.

looking for what realism you can achieve.

Thank you for your tips my friend. I’ ll give it another try! :smiley: :smiley:

Nice work.
I think the textures need dirt and dust. Check the original image, the lines left by the water at the bottom of the pot as well as the dirt on top. The dust should be barely visible but it adds a lot to realism by adding some random noise to break up the even color of the pot.