Photo-realism practice - Decorative Ceramics

I have had blender on my computer for almost a year now, but didn’t really get into using it, or any 3d modeling for that matter, until the past few months. I have only messed around up until this point with what cycles is capable of producing, so I decided to finally just decide to make something basic for practice building towards a full scene.

What I decided to do was just an Ornamental crafted wooden table sort of thing. It ended up being a very good exercise, letting me practice hard surface modeling, some sculpting and re-topology (for the small detail work under the bottom edge), and lots of practice in making organic and realistic looking textures and materials.

Disregarding the very poor looking grass-carpet, I am very satisfied with the result! Any feedback or advice would be appreciated because I am very new to blender and always have room to improve. Test by CPmillenia94, on Flickr by CPmillenia94, on Flickr

Its not much but its cool seeing something I made finally come to life (sort of) in cycles.

As I said feel free to critique away! by CPmillenia94, on Flickr

Better render with a better floor material. I’m considering making an entire scene, but have no idea where to start. Any ideas would be great.

Lately I have been working on individual parts that I can eventually add to an entire scene. Im starting with a ceramic pot that was inspired by this one-

I have finished sculpting and been working on re-topology and a basic glaze looking material.

That last ceramic pot is a good render, very natural materials and lighting.

^That last pic is a reference if that is what you are referring to.

Thats why I said so :slight_smile: Try same quality. Your table has good material(s), only lighting is weird.

I finished the ceramic pot. Here are my most recent renders:

Any suggestions or criticisms would be great.


Can you show mesh without smooth?

^Here’s how the mesh looks-

Great models and materials.

The blue on the white is made with what? It looks interesting.

^^Thank you!

^Just some dirty vertex used as a factor for the diffuse color of the glaze.