Photo realism

Hi all,

This is a very simple scene i’m using to test/develop my photorealism skills. Any tips and critiques will be very welcome the, especially with regard to materials/lighting. The metallic objects don;t look all that convincing…i;ve done this using anisiotropic shader!Key_scene.blend (7.9 MB)


Hi, a few suggestions you could consider:

  • There is a thinfilm shader on blendswap. I believe the username is moody, not sure.
  • There is also a microroughness shader.
  • Use some imperfections. ( smear, smudge, dust, scratch).

Thanks Peetie,

I’ll take a look at those! I do intend to use some imperfections next.


Thinfilm and microroughness can help, but I think in this one the low hanging fruit are:

  • The Bumpmap on the floor looks fake
  • Maybe use an HDRI or if you already do, use another one. With this setup, the reflections in the metal seem artificial
  • Use filmic color management
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Use lower Roughness and Anisotropy for the Anisotropic shader. 3.0 is WAY too much. try using 0.16 Rouhghness (or 0.4 if you are using the latest blender builds because they are using a power of 2 for Roughness) and 0.6 Anisotropy

I was bored and tried my to do some stuff with it.


Ooh, nice! So what you done exactly?

would you mind sending me file so I can have look?

Sure, though I can’t share the ground Bump texture, because of the license. It doesn’t make that much of a difference though.
(had to use Mediafire because the file is too big.)

What I did:

  • Use Principled BSDF instead of Anisotropic BSDF
  • lowered Roughness and Anisotropy
  • Added procedural iimperfections for color, Roughness and Bump
  • Adjusted the lighting (removed one Lamp, adjested values and color and added HDRI)
  • Used Filmic Color Management
  • used an alternative plastic material for the buttons, that I created for another project once.

HDRI is “Old Industrial Hall” from

Thanks Simon,

I’ll have a proper look at that asap! I did wonder if you’d used different textures for buttons.

Cheers :smiley:

Great work, Simon! Thanks again. I’m trying to master cycles nodes and procedural textures. Thought I was getting a grip but looking at your node trees and I realise I know nothing yet! Arghh!:smiley:

Don’t forget depth of field. It really helps a lot.