Photogrammetry Addon v1.0 for 2.79 and 2.80

I’ve recently written an addon that may be useful to those of you using Blender’s camera tracker for VFX, or those interested in photogrammetry.

I’ve been attempting to reconstruct sparse, low resolution images where a normal automated pipeline fails. The usual fix is to take more photos but I’m unable to do so and must work with what I have. This is where Blender’s motion tracker can be used to create manual feature matches and sparse 3d reconstruction to be used by a dense reconstruction software such as COLMAP or PMVS.

After reconstruction, the point cloud is imported directly into Blender. This allows you to position objects accurately within your scene using the tens or hundreds of thousands of new points. You could also use Meshlab to generate a mesh and associated texture from the point cloud and then import this into Blender. This would give you textured geometry that can be reflected or simulated in your VFX shot with minimal effort!




Thanks… looks interesting…will get back for comments when I give it a try…good show presenting this.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Thks Congratulations for this big job! Very interesting…I need use it soon!

I really like the idea!

Is it possible to use it with meshroom?

Not currently, but I can take a look at the file format to see whether I can generate the cameras.sfm and any other related files.

SH*T !!!
what is this thing ???

PG has been a pain with current tools !

you say that a vid imported in blender can create a volume ???
( XD am taunting you but… this looks like an awesome idea and i love it ! )

definetely following this thread !
and i’ll try it ASAP !!!

Thanks for this… amazing… nah… awesome… nah… deitic tool !! :smiley:

happy blending !