Photographer - Camera Exposure, White Balance, Autofocus, Physical Lights, Bokeh, Render Queue

Hi there @chafouin :slight_smile:
Was wondering, did you ever think of making ID channels/elements/masks/cryptomates in photographer that can be edited per camera (or in general, doesn’t have to be per camera)? Or just a “simple” way of making render passes for post production work in any compositing software? Something like how Vray and Corona have.

I know blender has cryptomates but the workflow is a bit annoying and isn’t really streamlined like in other render software.

Are you interested maybe in something like this?

Could you give some examples of the issues you are running into? I prefer to understand your problem better to come up with a good solution. Of course enabling render passes per camera is something that could be done, but I don’t really see the point at the moment.
I haven’t had any issues with outputting masks or cryptomattes from Blender using multi-layer EXR in the past. Feel free to send more details here or in DM.

It’s fine. The current way of working with render passes in blender is great for manual work. I’m just thinking that it would be nice to have a “one click” option for all the passes to be enabled or previewed via the camera and then rendered out. Something like how we can enable and disable False color preview.
Not sure how it works in Vray or in Corona but I think they don’t need to click and drag noodles and connect them to the correct input/output to get a result that is pretty useful for post production. :crazy_face:
I don’t mind it, it’s just a thought :slight_smile:

Oh ok, so that’s something like this that add-on function you are looking for?

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Something like that, yes :slight_smile:

Version 4.8.5 is available, it fixes Turbo Tools compatibility.

If you make cool renders using Photographer, please consider sending me your images if you are willing to see them used for advertising purposes :slight_smile:


Would it be possible that when you turn off object tracking for the camera from UI empty object is deleted? It’s a bit annoying

I’m not sure I understand. Turning off the Camera tracker using the button in the Camera list will delete the Empty and the Constraint on the camera.

Oh wow it worked today. Probably had a bug in my .blend file I was working on yesterday

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hi , yesterday bought the photographer 4 but overlooked the package bundle, Could I still can add another $6 to get light package bundle. thank you very much.

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I am not sure if this is a bug, but when I try to use the “add target” feature, it does not work well. I can not navigate with the camera…its locked.

This is probably expected? You cannot navigate the same way since the rotation of the camera is locked towards the target. Only zoom and translate will work, and translate will rotate around the object because of its target.

It actually did not let me do anything. I added a new camera and worked out…

Feel free to export the broken camera and send me the .blend file anytime you encounter any issue.

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Mmm, not sure if I understand. The resolution panel is checked. I always get the last aspect ratio for all my cameras.

Please provide more information, a scene, a video of the occurring problems.
I can’t help you if you just give very short descriptions of the issues.

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Thank you, sorry for the brief description. As soon as I finish my work day, I will send it.

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Sorry to jump in to this subject, but what is the point here? to save the different channels the multi EXR does it already except if we want to change one on the channels on the compositor. But still I don´t understand what the workflow would be there.


That question is for @SketchesDK, I also use multi-layer EXR format.

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I think this will sum up the experience:

Even though I don’t use this as much as I should it comes down to controlling every pass in Photoshop.
Look at it as high end post production. I’m still learning much about post production but yeah, I would like to implement it into my workflow but I think it will take some time.