Photographically Abstract (Experimental)

Weird, i dont know how to gave description for this artwork. :slight_smile:

Blender & Photoshop.:stuck_out_tongue:

looks great, wondering where the batu caves are lol :smiley:

@Evil Moon M0ose

Thanks, this is my experimental cg. :smiley:

Batu Caves is in Malaysia. The one of most popular tourism place & also religion for Hinduism. But im not hindu lol. Just live there (really 2minute from my house lol) :slight_smile:
You should come visit here. Its have 272 step stair.

here the info(cool) :

I’ve been reading up on the drug DMT (which our bodies naturally produce) today, this looks very similar to the hallucinations people describe having, really beautiful abstract art though, great job :slight_smile:


oh really??? I never thought that! haha, if you got the link, really want to read :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :smiley: