(hobbes) #1

I’m using a Panasonic Lumix which isn’t exactly point-and-shoot, though it isn’t the highest difficulty wise either. Obviously much less work-intensive to get the desired effect, but I’m not trying to be a photographer, I just enjoy photography. It’s more of an artistic hobby/expression than a desired career.

In any case, I’d appreciate you commemts on my photography. Be warned, there are nearly 60 images 640 x 480 with larger file sizes. I apologize to dial-up users, but I don’t want to take the time to set up a slideshow, and I don’t want the thumbnails to be so small you can’t see anything anyway.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

(Clean3D) #2

I think the 3rd from last is my favorite. After that I think 2nd from beginning is also very good.

It might be easier to comment on them if they were numbered…

Good work!

(hobbes) #3

Good idea with the numbers. Implemented now. :wink:
Thanks for the comments as well.

(Clean3D) #4

I’m not a real expert either, but:

Pic. 1. The center of the flower is out of focus.
Pic. 3. Looks nice, exept that the composition attractes attention to the leaf running through the center of the picture, and that it also out of focus.
Pic. 4. Same crit as 1.
Pic. 5 and 6. The stick running through the picture doesn’t really seem to fit.
Pic. 9. Only crit I have for this is that it’s not in desktop resolution! :slight_smile: Nice work.
Pic. 18. I kinda like this one, too.
Pic. 35. I really like the colors and values on the back of the bus, nice level of saturation and not too washed out. :slight_smile:
Pic. 47. I like the contrast between the light side and the dark side of those beams. I’m curious as to what “ak” stands for, though. Probably someone’s name, but says Alaska…
Pic. 54. I like this one, too. There’s lots of texture and detail and a nice color scheme.
Pic. 56. Nice constrast here, too. Be careful that the sun doesn’t ruin your camera, though!
Pic. 57. I think the composition should be moved to the right or left for this picture. Somehow looking at the trees dead-on doesn’t appeal to me much. :-?

You’ve got some pretty good stuff in there, though! Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

(hobbes) #5

I have large resolution versions available if you want them.
Thanks for the detailed comments/criticisms, I really appreciate it! :wink:

(Clean3D) #6

Well, if it’s not too much trouble…
I sure wouldn’t mind it! Thanks!

(hobbes) #7

No trouble at all. :wink:
I made them 1024 x 768. If you need a larger version, I can go higher, though the images get a bit blurred as I don’t have the quality at full settings on the camera. On full settings, my memory card can only hold about 15 pictures. One step down, and I get nearly 350. Crazy…

But anyway, here are the wallpapers for images numbers 9, 18, and 54, respectively.
#9 | #18 | #54

(basse) #8

hmm, i think there is a bit too many of the same kind… just choose the ones that you think are the best, instead of putting up 10 pictures of old bus from slightly different angle :slight_smile: or those hose picturse…

anyway, couple of nice ones there. macros are always nice, but kind of typical. maybe try to find more things like picture #47, where you are not only showing closeup of some object, but there is also idea behind it…


(nehpets) #9

im guessing you have a Canon(and im just guessing)


you need to work on your post-pro with these…

color balance

all these things should be applied to an image to make it -perfect-

i am also a photographer and i never submit an image without first doing all those things ;]

very nice though, a little repetitive.

(hobbes) #10

I kept my distance from Canon after reading many, many accounts of the e18 error. The Lumix seemed to be the best for the price, and I liked the image stabilization and 12x zoom. 5 megapixel isn’t bad either, for my purposes (web graphics, occasional printing on small resolutions).

I did a bit of post processing, but as these are my first digital pictures, I have yet to develop skill in that area. I’ve checked out your deviantart page, though, and I’m very impressed. I also have a deviantart account, though most of the pictures on there aren’t my own. I’ve yet to upload any of these, though I do plan to.

As to thre repetitiveness: all these photos were taken in one day, and I wanted to show as many as possible so as to get the best criticims/responses. I know that there are many different shots of flowers, hoses, and buses, but it was both for practice and advice that I showed them all. Once I’m capable of great photography I’ll limit the amount of images I show. But until then (and even a bit afterwards), I’ll do my best to show everything so that I can learn.

Thanks for the comments though. :wink: