Photoreal Pantheon Project

We are building a photoreal quality Pantheon that seeks to be historically accurate but also enjoyable to explore for those interested. Looking for people that want to help out with the project and also people that would like to experience the building through modern virtual reality headsets and other options (like a full walking simulator in UE4/5). I am aware of other projects but this one is attempting to build what people want.

A general model has been built, but it is currently not 100% complete and lacks textures. I recently rendered some 360 degree panoramas, which can be viewed here:

What do you think would be of value for this project, some of my ideas are:

-Interactive simulation, e.g. change the sun position, experiment with the Pantheon as a sundial idea
-Time travel mode, where you can experience the Pantheon how it looked at various times in history.
-Interactive comment system where the public/academics can suggest improvements or historical inaccuracies

Looking forward to feedback and suggestions.


Another angle.

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Corinthian capital details… it’s waiting for unreal engine 5.


Hey, thats a very interesting project you have there. Recreating historical buildings such as these seems to me like a great way of learning from our architectural heritage, as well as “recording” it for future reference. Im not sure how the project would work in regards to upbge, I dont know of its vr capabilities if any, but even if you want to create this using unreal or some other engine, Im sure you would find interest in the blender modeling community. Specially in communities related to architecture students, universities, etc. Very nice project indeed.

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Thanks for feedback. Yes, it has been a great learning experience for me. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would get a lot out of collaborating. The thing is to find them. Do you have any links to “communities of arch students”?

let me start by saying amazing work so far!

but i honesty think it deserves to be in the artwork section, rather than buried in the obscurity of the shambles that was the once bge. if it is already, then great :slight_smile:

id consider this more archi-vis rather than a game tbh.

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Thanks. I’ll see about posting in the artwork section.

Ultimately, I envisage a complete photoreal ancient rome metaverse. This will require many artists and designers. I’m hoping Blender and UE5 makes it possible.

Would you be interested in collaborating?

I know for a fact that many if not all architecture universities nowadays have a CAD/3D teaching department, and Ive seen academic work on 3D historical recreation, so maybe it would be cool to talk to some teachers, perhaps even with schools actually from rome, about the project, make it into some opensource, public domain work, see if it could be used as a collective project with students.


unfortunately i dont have any skills that would be useful to this project. i mainly work in python for bge as a personal hobby.

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