Photoreal Try - Tiles (Final Finally - Jan. 16)

Hi all. Well, I took a break from my Cartoony Character and went for a photoreal try.

Let me know what you think.

Did a lot of post pro in Photoshop. Adjusting levels, color dodging, colour burning, changing Hue & Saturation and doing some blur, radial blur and added some noise.


And here is the non-Photoshopped image for you all to compare.



Well, I like the Blender Only most :slight_smile:

Then it’s tooooo clean and perfect to be photoreal!



And the black tiles are too flat and … well… black


The tiles look good (but then again, with a decent texture you really can’t fail on that one :-), but they would be better if there was some reflection, even on the black bits (very subtle though).

The lighting looks good too.

There is a problem with that bar of soap though. The photoshop treatment made it slightly better, but it definately looks synthetic. Take a look at a real piece of soap at a theater near you to find out how its surface should appear.

cool !
Specs please on the black areas !!

Sweet! How did you make the soap suds? Meta balls?

really nice!!
still needs lots of improvements to go for photorealism… i think i already told you some at #blenderchat [but now i’m babbling again ;)]
add some cracks on the soap and make it less smooth.
for the lighting add a blue light coming from the side [to simulate outside light a bit].
make the floor reflective [maybe, dunno if it looks good tho’]


Here is a revised image with a fake GI dome and a nice (blue) light for andy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Played with the material on the black tiles to get a bit of specularity on them. Fain but it is there. I also changed the texture a bit on the soap and then basically did some of the same Photoshop filters, etc. that I did on the previous image.

Not sure if it is much better though. What do you all think?


Thanks for the comments. I am not sure of some reflection. The tiles in my bathroom at home a very flat and have no reflection at all. That is sort of what I was basing it off of. I think I made the soap appear better in the new one, but not so sure on the rest.

Nope. Just standard UV spheres set to 12 & 12 with sub-d turned on. Set render sub-d to 4. Then for textures, just used 2 cloud procedurals set to ADD and REFL & EMIT.

@ndy: Thanks for all your input. I think it helped a lot. Youare truly a Blender GOD!

Thanks for all of the comments guys.


Beautiful. Still like #2 the best but the bubbles just rocked me.
A logo or brand name on the soap and just a touch of center wear would (I think) be perfect.


I think tiles and soap has improved, but I liked #2 bubbles most.

Keep it up


OK. Here is the final, (yes final :smiley: ), of this. I am sick of looking at it and I need to move on.

I love the bubbles on the first one, but I can’t get that same look again. I have no clue why. Thanks for all the input from the community on this. You have all been helpful.


Very nice work mate!!! :wink:

Only think i could suggest to tweek it is mishaping the soap bar, as someone up there mentioned, and possibly adding those magic colour swirls to the soap bubbles, maybe some dirty finger marks on the bar itself? Just suggestions, but your pic looks great!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


Just saw you said it was final now, so just ignore those suggestions above and savour only the sweet sweet complements i laid on ya!!! :wink: