(Nayman) #1

Well, he may not be the brightest bulb in the ceiling, but i fooled spomeone with this pic… so i think it is pretty real


But please, C&C

(BgDM) #2

WOW! :o Huge improvement from the WIP post.

The only thing I think that is off is the actual business card. Can’t put my finger on it, but maybe it is too flat still?

Great work.


(adyus) #3

that’s a really cool realistic photo! mind if I ask you for a tutorial on photorealism in blender? (assuming that IS blender, of course)

(Nayman) #4

I assure you it is all blender…

As for a tutorial, thats like asking for a tutorial on sculpting a certain sculpter… sometimes thigns work out, sometimes thery dont. all i would say is, detail detail detail, and the most important thing is lighting

(EnV) #5

C’mon Nayman, a tutorial would be really appreciated… :wink:


(paradox) #6

Yes really nice lighting, really makes it look more realistic, perhaps a tutorial or mini - tute on the lighting.


Hi Nayman
Card would cast shadow over the base of the card holder also the shadow cast on the table is in two directions,the one towards camera needs turning off.
Then turn up spec on the table just a little bit.

Nice work


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(paradox) #9

Lighten up valorking, haven’t you ever hit submit more than once if your not sure if it worked. Also notice that he is a forum newbie- jeeze maybe I should call you wiseass wiseass wiseass.

(Nayman) #10

WOW! lets not turn my post into flame war… sop that is the end…!

Actually, the shadow facing the camera is arelfeciton of the card in the table, but for some reaons, the holder didnt reflect… its o nthe right layer… what else could it be?

(TRICKY) #11

Hi Nayman

Sorry for mistaking your reflexion, you say card holder is on same layer
Assuming the reflextion on the table is an envmap then it would not map on to card holder as well you would need a separate map

Sorry to all on forum for my previous repeated post

As for the one climbing out of his pram and spitting out the dummy,Well what can you say there is all ways one ( perhaps you will grow up one day)

End of story

(bob_dog) #12

Some time ago, I was working on a scene that required reflections of reflections. It involved freeing envmap data one object at a time and re-rendering until the desired level of realism (recursion) was obtained. But here is the crazy part… get this: The reflections were layer dependant in the sense that depending on which layer the objects were on, the reflections worked or didn’t. There seemed to be no logic behind it at all. If your reflections are not turning out the way you want, try puting the object on another layer… who knows?

(BaDbOyHeRe) #13

thats very impressive work. gj
I do notice a shadow that I can’t figure out. the horizontal one at the baseline of the calendar. Is it comming from the hub?

(Nayman) #14

no, its coming from the calendar,…\

i dunno what it is.

(Alltaken) #15

did anyone notice the layer buttons that are present in the env map texture menu.

you can select which layers you render or not.

also you say that the image was entirely blender.
are you trying to say you didn’t post process it by adding grain over the top.

because how did you get the photo grain on otherwise. without puting a backbuf image on it or a plain in front of the camera.

(Nayman) #16

sorry, grain was added, my mistake

(Free Mars) #17

The white cable looks like it has rather angular bends in it. Other than that I think it kicks some but.

(gudi3d) #18

Change the bias values in light buttons (F4 button). With small values you can correct the shadows in the base of the card holder. For me, it seems to be floating over the table instead of being on the table

(reimers1981) #19

if you were looking for something wrong with the business card, how about that it’s too thick. unless it’s made out of balsa wood that is, lol.
try making it 1/3 to 1/5 the thickness that it is now.

also, papers and cardboards, even business cards, will be slithgly bent or have lines which aren’t creases but you can see the paper has been bent, no matter how new it is. even though you don’t think much about the edges of paper/thin cardboard because they are so thin, it should be bevelled like everything else.

see how these will make a big difference in the realism of the card itself.

ps. how many desks do you know don’t have scratches or pen marks on them or pens which don’t have bite marks? attention to detail :wink: