Photorealistic Guitar

I modeled this guitar for one of my first personal projects and now after a lot of tweaking, remodeling and a complete new look, it’s my first model on the Blender Market. I hope you like it, you can see more imagens and more details about the product there.


wow! Best guitar model and shaded/rendered I’ve seen in this forum so far… Congrats! Makes me want to start playing it!

Extremely amazing. May I say something even when I can never accomplish this skill of modeling. Just as a guitar owner?

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Best guitar I’ve ever seen.

Very impressive shader work, combined with the lighting and attention to detail on the model really sets it off.

Hey thank you guys! I appreciate the comments.

riesie3d, yes, feel free to comment anything, please.

Hmmm… okay, so it’s meant as a commercial product. But, shouldn’t it get a slot in the Gallery anyway? Seems to me that it’s a pretty spectacular demo of what Blender can do.

Well the thing that got my attention was the slightly diffuse wood finish. Shouldn’t it be a bit more glossy? But again, it’s a bit stupid to say cause I can never achieve this. It’s truly AMAZING!!

Super Real! Congrats!

riesie3d, you’re totally right, it should be more glossy. Yes, you can achieve whatever you want, there is no magic, you just need discipline and work hard.

ivaydesign, thank you!


*Blender+ talented artist. Deserves a slot in the top.

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Great job! What blew me away was the detail of how you varied the thickness those guitar strings. Truly an attention to detail! Love it!

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