Photorealistic Hand with new Cycles SSS Question?

Hello all. As part of a psychology experiment I need to render a photorealistic hand. Now I suspect there are many small details and tricks to work on when going for photo realism but I think the main one I have here is subsurface scattering in Blender 2.67 with SSS.

Doesnt look too bad but I’ve had to create SubDermal and EpiDermal textures by hand as they were not included in this model (Im no modeller sadly). The blue hue is the epidermal layer showing (its light blue) whereas the subdermal is a very rich red.

The material looks a little like this:

I think Im using the SSS Nodes correctly but I cant be sure. I suspect I’m not though. Aside from the materials, do any of you know a good place, book or other resource for getting as close to photo real as possible? There are probably quite a lot of post effects I can try?