Photorealistic Interior

A photorealistic interior render!

My Render:

Reference Image:

Hope you like it!:wink:


I like it… but:

the texture on the ceiling needs to fit the scale - make it smaller !

the light plowing from the right has a super flat falloff so it looks almost like a cutout piece of color in the frame (it is overburnt on the ref photo but seems less flat there anyway)

I like the idea of not copying 1:1 - but adding your personal twist to it.

Keep up the good work

Jarek D(DJ)

Black chairs look very flat to me couldn’t catch 3D and too perfect surface. And other shiny surfaces too needs roughness And maybe you can tint to blue land little greenish? Other than those It looks really good to me :heart_eyes:

Appreciate the Suggestion and thanks for compliment.

Thanks for the advice and appreciation.