Photorealistic Nature

Here’s my take on another photorealistic render … Tried to make foxgloves flower plant :grinning:


Beautiful scene! :smiley:
Can you comment a bit on how you created the scene? Especially materials/textures and modelling of the foxglove itself.
Also, did you use an add-on for the grass and small flowers?

Background is, that foxgloves are the favorite flowers of a relative of mine and I was thinking about doing a similar scene and print it as a present.

If it were me, I would crop off the right half of the picture, just to the left of those distracting mushrooms. Tighten the shot so that the flowers command full attention. The eye is always drawn to the brightest part of the frame, which right now is those fuzzy 'shrooms.

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its actually cylinder with solidify modifier

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and this is the texture which i was able to crop off a real foxglove flower image in ps

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ahh yes noted :sweat_smile:

looking pretty

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you man

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