Photorealistic texturing of a katana

I made a detailed model, a little under 100k verts of that sword.

I went for realism with this one, believe it or not. The desired outcome would be that the viewer doesn’t figure out it’s a fake for more than three seconds.

I think I must have failed using textures properly, but I can’t tell what exactly the problem is. Any feedback and ideas on how to bring this closer to reality are welcome.

The clearly repeating texture of the floor plane and duplicate tiles on the back wall stand out as fake.

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I think the katana it’s self looks great


The new version:
I wanted to make a skybox but I couldn’t, so I went with a whole background scene. Once I rendered this I noticed the severe bump on the floor and corrected it… the basic scene is the same and done, though. I still can’t truly consider it finished since there are some angles I haven’t rendered (and I can’t). Other than that, if you find something blatantly unrealistic please, do tell. :slight_smile: