Photoshop CS2 worth using?

I noticed that Photoshop CS2 is sort of free and I’m thinking about installing it. Should I even bother with this old software?

Photoshop CS2 is not sort of free… it was a misunderstanding of what happend.

It’s not free. You only can get it from adobe’s site legally if you already bought it before. If you didn’t have it before, it’s as free as downloading from a torrent site.

But answering your question if it’s worth or not, Photoshop CS2 is still a good software, has most of the tools needed for professional photo-manipulation and digital painting.

How does it compare with gimp?


All versions of all programs are free. Don’t give me any of your moral bs either. There are those that are scared to torrent copyrighted material and those that are not. Morality has very little to do with either decision.


Its not what is moral but what is legal.


This isn’t the first time you’ve condoned piracy on these forums. This is against the rules of the forum and also against the spirit of Blender as a whole. Leave that attitude at the door, and don’t talk about it on BA. It puts the whole community in a bad light.

The legal point of view is that you have to own a license of each CS2 program to download and use it. If you own an AfterFX CS2 license, you can download and install it. If you own the entire CS2 Suite license, you may download and install all CS2 applications.

Adobe, however, seems to condone the use of any of the CS2 programs - at least, they have not taken any legal action against non-licensed usage.

Back on topic: Photoshop CS2 is a very capable and professional image editor.

I had CS2 at work for a few years, then when I quit I bought CS5 Design Suite, still have it though now I rarely use it. I thought that the CS2 was 32 bit though?

As far as Gimp, the latest release works pretty well for most stuff, and if it is painting you want to do, Krita and MyPaint are really nice to have as well.

CS6 is not come very far from CS2 anyway.

Please copy paste where it says that I can not speak in favor of piracy in this forum. I may be American but I have retained the ability to think for myself and feel it is my right to speak my mind so long as what I say is not spoken in a hateful manner meant to degrade or hurt others feelings.

  • Requesting, providing information about, or advertising illegal activities or the results thereof is considered inappropriate.
  • Software serial numbers, hacks, cracks, keygens, ROMs, copyrighted audiovisual content or illegally copied software documentation, among others, are considered illegal.

Directly from the forum rules. Freedom of speech exists to protect individuals from their governments, not to run around mouthing off about being a thief on an online forum, and advertising illegal activity makes the entire community look like spoiled, entitled teenagers. You’re doing everyone a disservice.

Please copy paste where it says that I can not speak in favor of piracy in this forum.

Rule #4: “Politics, political expression and political propaganda are considered inappropriate.”

Furthermore, claiming that “all software is free” is just factually wrong. If I say “all men are free” that doesn’t make it so, even if that would be a nice-to-have.

I’d rate CS 2 slightly above GIMP.

GIMP still has a fair share of really dumb UI conventions, CS2 is a bit more straightforward and obvious. However, since CS2 is only 32 bit, it has it’s slowdowns when loading/doing stuff with large images.

Is it worth tinkering with if you’re already well versed in GIMP? Not really.


CS2 is not free. So I’m confused why this convo about CS2 is still going. Gimp is a perfectly fine piece of software, every bit as capable as Photoshop. I don’t personally use it because I’m more comfortable with Photoshop, but my decision has nothing to do with functionality. More to do with just being lazy and not wanting to learn all the hotkeys and tool quarks all over again.

I go for Krita personally, as GIMP has some awkward UI in places and the brush engine is far worse. Not to mention it has “single window mode” by design, not as some reluctant compromise :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, Krita is much more unstable, especcially on windows.

Right now I’d recommend installing both, Gimp has stability and better channels-support, Krita has better layer, brushes and bit-depth support.

  1. No Photoshop is ever free. It never has been, and never will. I guess you’re thinking of a demo version or something? Anyway, PS is more of a bother because you’re basically renting the software, and can never “own” it because of the way they do the license. In fact you can’t even transfer it to a new computer if you switch computers (I don’t think). So if you have an old PC and want PS, you better first replace the PC, then get PS.

  2. I use GIMP for everything. I love its multi-tasking friendly UI. Although it doesn’t have all of PS’s snazzier features like 3D or its same kind of Distortion tool, it’s still pretty darn useful. You can do detailed paintings, character textures for game chars, photo editing, and more! (total advertisement lol)

  3. I don’t recommend piracy. It’s just stealing. Open source programs are here for a reason, not to mention 100% virus free. Download GIMP, or find some alternative program. Cheers!

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Also, yes, condoning piracy is, in fact, a violation of our forum rules.