Photoshop Cutting Issues

I’ve noticed that Photoshop gets completely random at times and the only way to fix the issue is to know 100% what its doing… and I’ve searched High and low to find out why photoshop is smoothening out edges for me on my selections… Instead of just cutting out the area that I selected… it seems to (by default) cut and reduce the opacity around the cut like so:

The problem is that I’ve done the same things before and the cuts would come out sharp… it seems to be completely random. Its really irritating because the cut is going beyond the selection and varying the opacity… Its a nice feature and all but for my purposes it just complicates things.

NOTE: I found a really creative way around it… but in all honesty right now its not even an option, because:

  1. It over complicates what should be really simple
  2. It decreases how accurate my measurements and such are
  3. It Decreases my control over what I’m attempting to do.

First instinct is that the Feather option is set to something other than 0 for your selection tools. That would cause this effect.

Exactly as onzephyr stated. It looks to be a feathering issue. As feathering can be a very useful tool, it can be bothersome when you don’t want to use it.