Photoshop excercise: pimping my ride

took the new digi cam for a spin today, thought i’d do an excercise in photoshop…



the only thing i’m not happy with is the wheels, but i’ll let them slide for now…

oh, and before i forget, this one’s for you, sonix

LOL sweet as bro, thats some good work.


Holy faecal matter :o If you had put just the second pic up the only thing that would have let me on it wasn’t 100% photo would be the wheels like you said. That is worthy of a tutorial (video preferably :slight_smile: ).

You forgot the spoiler on back, and a racing decal on the windshield :wink:

put a spoiler and some neon on that baby! :smiley:

Other than the wheels thats a incredible job!!!

(and other than it’s all ricey now…but hey :stuck_out_tongue: )

what about flames, naked chicks, spinning rims, fuzzy dice, haha nice work man

Very good, would be nice if you showed us the steps you took to do that :slight_smile:

Nice job.


The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

just kidding

wow, thanks for the kind comments

its awfully easy really, to start with i used the polygonal lassoo tool to go around the whole body, lowered it, and used the clone stamp to fill in the gaps around the car.

the rest is just blocking in, using the polygonal lasoo to mask, and playing close attention to perspective.

after that, you just need to have a wee thikn about where your reflections are and away you go!