php/MySQL help?

Hey all you scripting geniuses, I need help!
I was hired to make a website for someone, and I’m trying to make a dynamic version so that she can update it herself and not have to come to me about it, since I’m very busy. The problem is I’m not a very good programmer. I can read through script and tell what it does, and steal lines for my own pages, but I have this huge project that I can’t really start with unless I learn how to use MySQL databases with php. :-?

SO… I will give below an outline for what I’m trying to do, and anyone who can help with this can throw out lines of script or tell me whare I can go to find a script like this to pick at, or, if you have a lot of free time, you can do the whole thing for me. :smiley: The website I am working on is and the forum topic on my website is at

The Outline:
the existing pages will be in the database with a field for each variable, such as keywords, description, title, style, content, and level in navigation.

A simple editor similar to the posting page on forums will be used to create new pages or edit existing ones and set the attributes mentioned above.

So, to state it simply, I need to use information from the database to determine variables in index.php and to view and edit these variables (preferrably with drop-down and text boxes) on edit.php, which will be password protected.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you can use an existing CMS (content management system) as framework for the site. That’s what I do for my clients. Most sites I build on top of Geeklog but I also use Xoops. Both and a whole host more can be found at where you can also testdrive most of the available stuff.