Physics Collision

Hi all!

I’m currently making a model and I want the hair to behave based on physics. I’m using this tutorial and it works quite well, but I want to know if there would be a way to add collision? If my character moves too fast the hair clips through the front of their face. Any help would be appreciated!

Tutorial I’m using:

Hair collision does not work against the emitter mesh. You need to add another mesh (e.g. a low-poly copy of the head) which the hair can collide against.

The emitter object isn’t the head, they’re two different objects. Would I still need to do this to fix it?

So are you already using collision and it does not work, or you want to know how to do that? For the latter, you just have to enable collision for the head object. For the former, 2.80 is seriously buggy concerning hair collision. Try 2.81 or 2.82.