Physics engine questions.

Hi guys!

Well I was wondering is there any tutorials about “normal” physics engine in Blender. I mean, I would want to make a computer which falls from table and smashes into floor. Heh I know how to make fluid animation but not how to make normal physics :expressionless:

2nd. Is it possible to make deforming metal with Blender soft body physics or something. If not, is there any plugins for that? ( Excample car crash) U know.

Thanks for reading this.


Eh sry for bumping this up, but I need answers :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you

You’ll need to use the GameEngine and then goto Game in the top header and “Record to IPO”. Someone also wrote a script for PyODE.


The all-knowing Blender Manual answers your first question.

As for second, you can actually treat the metal like an extremely hard liquid. Play around with the viscosity settings until you get something metal-like. Don’t really know how though… :-?