physics for regular Blender animations

Is there a physics plugin or capability, not for
the game engine (where I know one exists) but,
for the regular part of Blender where one models
and renders at a much higher resolution than
the game engine. Thanks.

I know what you mean…I personally have problems with bullet to make decent physics animations even with “All Frames” enabled.

Bullet handles boxes well (providing they are actually perfect boxes) but for anything else the collision detection goes haywire (on the first frame at least) - even with 2.41. Put two meshes near each other (not touching) and bullet will send them flying away from each other.

Otherwise you can abuse softbodies and I think there is a script allowing usage of ODE - personally, I would be happier to get bullet working better.

Anyone got any suggestions?


Well for now the ODE access by python script allow you to get lot more liberty and tweaking. just thinking about hook and join type.
The problem is: for now it’s just an API, a GUI would open up a lot of possibility.