Physics Noob

Hey everyone im new to the forum. I’m have a problem that i know probably has a simple solution but i dont know what it is. What I want to do is set up a brick wall and have it break when something goes through it. Only problem is as soon as I start the simulation everything just explodes in every direction and things get stuck to the floor and start to jitter. Any help is appreciated.

It’s probably the size of your boundary. I’ve found the easiest solution is to use a convex hull prototype, but I guess that is somewhat slow, so you might want to experiment with the size of the boundary and use something else if it slows it down too much.

things “explodeing” is usualy a sign of solids inside of other solids…

check the bounding sphere radius , look at your wall in wireframe mode (press z a few times untill you seee wire). there will be a little dotted line that shows the bounding sphere radius… make sure that is not inside anything else…

Convex hull polytrope dose not need this adjustment, great suggestion fireside!

Thanks alot guys. It was because the objects in a giant box that was suppose to be the “world”.