Physics Problems? (file included)

Hey Everyone,

I’m having problems with the physics.

*I have 2 tall buildings and I want to throw a sphere at them to make them collapse.

*I constructed the building with individual blocks.


The two buildings seem to fall through the ground, even though I made it an obstacle.

When the ball hits a building, the building doesn’t fall into pieces. It stays as one piece.

What I’m trying to accomplish

  • I want the two buildings to stay on a surface, and have a sphere hit one building,
    and as Building #1 is falling apart I want it to hit Building #2, and I want all the pieces to be falling ON the ground, and not through it.

Here’s my file…


untitled.blend (1.17 MB)


I can’t seem to be able to upload my file. How do I delete all my other files on my manager?

Anyways, basically all I want is to stop

Building #1 (which is in the file you see)
From collapsing through the floor.
And I want a sphere to hit Building #1
and make all the pieces crumble to the floor.

I didn’t see anything that would make the physics work.

I linked the file with some changes. There is a ball now that crashes into the tower when you hit the space bar.

The pieces of the building are set to rigid body with box collision bounds.

Hit the “P” key then hit space bar.

If you want to record the animation, go to “Game” in the top left and check “record animation”.


SmashMyTower.blend (1.23 MB)

You can use the fracture tool to make a better tower with more realisme.
That’s the link to that turtorial and when i made a building on a plane it fall down thought the plane.
YOu can make the ground from a cube.


This is exactly what I wanted! However, the timeline is gone… which is strange and you have some new things on the bottom. I’m really new to blender (1 month) and I would like to know if there is a tutorial that will teach me how you did that :slight_smile: