I have made an alien which I have rigged with a walk cycle, and it moves forward in the game engine by pressing up and I have put the armature to animate while it walks but when I appy rigid body to it, it animates still by pressing up but it does not move forward it just stays there, shivering slightly. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

PM mico, he can probably help, or matt_goles, or martinsh, they know the GE pretty darn good…er, well =)

Did you gave it a motion actuator?
If you did, how much speed/force did you gave to it?

I gave it 0.6 in the x direction.

Mmmm… weird how big is it compared to the default cube? Maybe you made a gigantic armature, remember the default cube 2 cubic meters, and physic are on that scale too.

or try applying scale/rotation (control-a)

Thx everyone, it animates now (CTRL-A), anyway now half of the body falls through the plane and the legs animate slightly strange, I tried increasing the radius but to no effect!

I see the problem, you made the armature the main collition part of your character.

The problem with this is that the Armature’s size radius doesn’t change at all, and it’s always incredinbly small, making it really inapropiate for physics. and the other problem is that if you start the armature in the center of it, later you cannot replace the center of the armature, unless you perpare yourself to do the rigging again.

Faster and best solution:
Make a invisible box and that one will be the real player, this box make it parent of the armature, and this armature, as the animated mesh, must be ghost.

Hope it helps.