PhysX Card

AGEIA PhysX Card Is it Useful for blender Physic engine ? or for game only

What we really need is Blender support for a quad core or even dual core PC to devote a whole core to physics.

PhysX may be screwed, the 4 core computers and new Nvidia 8000 series GPU’s will take care of it.

No, it is not useful. Blender doesn’t use the PhysX physics engine. It uses the Bullet physics engine instead. With my experience of PhysX (using it in my thesis work), I couldn’t recommend switching.

just kind of curious i know that this isnt on the topic of and agea physx card but it is on physics processing im wondering if with the newer motherboards that have the 3rd pci-e slot where you put a graphics card in for physics if that helps at all for physics in blender