Pi House

Ok this is probably a little random, but i thought it up in one of my ‘not in reality’ moments. It’s a house, made from pi! I’m going to try and make it in a cartoony style. Though not seriously cartoony. So anything out of scale, for example the house being able to fit one person, is on purpose. Obviously a lot more work to do. So comments are very much welcome.

I’ve used a spot light and ambient occlusion. Not the final light setup though.


Nice idea and a good start. Maybe extend the idea beyond just pi? For example, using ro as an extension, or phi as a window?

On the modelling, adding some bevelling would be a great improvement, imo.


Yeah i was thinking of using piles of maths symbols. I’ll see what i can do. This is just the plan. I’ll really add things in once i know where i’m up to. I’ll have some up dates soon.

What about a lambda dog-kennel outside? :smiley:

how about a psi tree/cactus

Great ideas. I’m thinking of using Sigma for the letter box. Well the stand of it anyway. Anyone know what the sign for integration is called? Its like an extended ‘s’. I’ll see where i can fit some other things in though. I’ve put some curtains in and a doornob. Always helpful! Though i’m probably going to change the doornob into something rather than the usual style. Perhaps theta or something like that.


The sign for “integral” is

It think it could be used as a lamp or a door handle.

Well, a small update, i haven’t had much time as i’ve been studying for my final exams. I’ve added a bevel and changed the door handle. I’m thinking of using the integral sign for a foot path of some sort. Between then house an the letterbox. Which i’m going to use sigma as the stand. Still plenty of work to do on the chimney especially. Comments welcome.


Not a lot to say other than it’s a really nice idea. The sort of idea that could be developed into a very intersting animated short.
Simple but fun. Good luck with the rest of the work.

Thank you for all the comments.
Another update. I’ve made the letterbox. Using a capital sigma and a lower case sigma! I can’t decide whether to put it right near the house or away so i can have a little path to the house from a gate of some description.
I’ve put the house onto a bit of a slab. Beveled just about every corner visible! Most of it’s curves, which is different for me, i haven’t had much to do with them. They are very helpful for making cartoony styled stuff though i must admit. Also i’ve changed the lights, the ambient occlusion was making render times pretty high, so i’m using a few area lights and spot light. Comments welcome.


I like the idea, and it’s a very cute house. Who would live there? It works as a puzzle - find the greek letters! I’d have sugested to have lots of circles - the windows etc, but you seem to have gone the other way of it being about the greek alphebet rather than about circles.

I like it anyway! Please add some colour.

You could use an ohm-sign as the gate leading to the house :stuck_out_tongue:
I know, that’s more in the physics direction, but part of maths anyway.
And while you’re at it, you can use the square root as door “knob”.
I very much like the inspiration of your project! I have faith in it. :wink:

House only fits 1?
Shouldn’t it fit 3.14285…

Cool I like this kind of idea :slight_smile:

Here a list of mathemetical symbol if you could use more symbols.

Seems to be the most complete list of all:

I think the chimny takes away from the contour of the pi symbol. Perhaps move it around to the end of the house oppisite the door?

Very cool! Very original.

I look to see this one complete!

Yeah i’m still working on the chimney, i’ll expirement with it. I’ll try and make it out of something maths. Everything else is. Charles i’m using the capital phi for the door knob. Still need a little more work on the letter box also. I’ll see what i can do today and hopefully have an update sometime soon. Thanks RadScientist for the list. I’m trying to use more mathematical symbols. Since the house is made from pi. hmm i might have to use e in there somewhere…and log…hehe i can make a log out of log. Stay Tuned

Quick update. I’ve moved the chimney around the back. Still not happy with it though. I think it needs to be completely changed. Rather than a normal chimney, it needs to be some sort of mathematical sign. Just need to work out what.